2015-16 Events

Nathan Mitchell: "Action-Cognition Transduction: A Proposed Mechanism for Enhancing Mathematical Intuition During Proof Production." May 23, 2016

Marie Coppola: "Unexpected routes to language: Evidence from child and adult homesign systems." February 19, 2016

Marie Coppola, Douglas Ridloff & Joseph Hill: "Roots, Diversity, Imagery: The driving force behind sign language identity." February 19, 2016.

Joshua Monten: "Doggy Style. A performance at the intersection of dance and sign language." September 29, 2015

2014-2015 Events

Philippe Schlenker: "Gesture Projection and Co-suppositions." May 8, 2015

Philippe Schlenker: "Logic and Iconicity: The Case of Sign Languge Loci." May 7, 2015.

Rachel Mayberry: "What acquiring language for the first time as a teen looks like: Case studies of cross-cultural adoption." March 6, 2015

Rachel Mayberry: "The Dual Origins of Language Ability: Post-natal Brain Development and Linguistic Experience." March 5, 2015

Kate Davidson: "Can you quote an action? Iconic event modification in sign, speech, gesture, and writing." October 13, 2014.

2013-2014 Events

Anastasia Giannakidou: “From gesture to sign: the ingredients of language.” May 7, 2014.

Daniel Casasanto & Haun Saussy: "Hidden metaphors in gesture, sign, and spoken language." February 28, 2014

Peter Cook: "Performance Narrative in Storytelling." March 10, 2014

Lenore Grenoble & Howard Nusbaum. November 18, 2013.